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Head Start

Serving five counties in Kansas:  Clay, Cloud, Ottawa, Republic & Washington.


  • Child Development/Preschool

  • Transportation provided if needed

  • Full or half day slots

  • Individualized lesson plans using acclaimed High Scope and 2nd Step curriculum.

  • Parent involvement

  • Vision & Hearing tests

  • Mental health

  • Nutrition

  • Health Services

School Readiness

To prepare children for school, our teachers design curriculum that encourage individual development for each child in three key areas:  language development, which is fundamental to learning; literacy skills that lay the foundation for reading and writing, as well as familiarizing our children with books and other learning tools; and mathematics knowledge and skills, including understanding numbers, shapes, measurement, patterns, and other traditional mathematical problems.  We know that math skills developed during the early years help children to connect ideas, develop logical and abstract thinking, and to question, analyze, and understand the world around them.

What is Head Start?

Head Start is a nationwide FREE federally funded pre-school program designed to ensure that all pre-school children, especially those from low-income families and children with disabilities, have the skills to succeed in Kindergarten and future school experiences. Full-day and half-day classes are available from Monday through Thursday nine months of the year.

Enroll your child today!

We are accepting enrollment applications for the 2019-2020 school year. Even though the school year has begun, your child can be placed on our wait list and enrolled when a position becomes available. Please join us and apply now.


call: 785-632-2195

What do I bring?

1. Child’s birth documentation

2. Child’s immunization record

3. Proof of income for past 12 months: (bring all that apply)
Tax forms for the previous year (preferred), W-2 forms, check stubs, child support, unemployment, Social Security or military income, etc.

4. Proof of Residence
Recent copy of utility bill, rental agreement, or mortgage statement in parent’s name that lists the address.)

Where is the nearest Head Start?

We have Head Start classrooms in Clay Center, Concordia, Belleville, Minneapolis & Washington Kansas.  You can find the nearest Head Start using the Head Start Locator.



Head Start is available to children who live in Clay, Cloud, Ottawa, Republic or Washington counties who turn 3 or 4 by September 1st of the current year. Priority is given to families who have children with disabilities or whose income is within the Federal Poverty Guidelines. If you are over-income and do not qualify, you will be asked for further information.


In order for children to learn and grow, they need to be physically and emotionally healthy.  Head Start works with parents to help each child be up-to-date on their medical care.  We also provide a variety of screenings to see if children have vision, hearing, dental, developmental, or mental health needs.

Early Head Start
Interim Program Director: Lisa Daniels

1021 4th Street Clay Center KS 67432
Ph:  785-632-5399

Clay County Head Start

Interim Program Director: 

Lisa Daniels

314 Court

Clay Center KS 67432

Ph:  785-632-2195

Cloud County Head Start
Site Director: Tina Haradaway

803 Valley Street
Concordia, KS 66901

Ph:  785-243-1645

Ottawa County Head Start
Site Director: Erin Nisbeth

612 N. Rothsay
Minneapolis KS 67467
Ph:  785-392-2794

Republic County Head Start
Site Director: Glenda Willis

1813 E. Frontage Road/Hwy 81  Belleville, KS 66935
Ph:  785-527-2300

Washington County Head Start
Site Director: Teresa With

117 W. College Street
Washington KS 66968
Ph:  785-325-2261

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