Policy Council Members

Megan Higdon

Kari Burlon

Beverly Hess

Tonya Wisell

Kaylee McCann

Sidney Garrett

Miranda Dudley

Heather Meadors

David Mahin

Brittany Blake

Jessi Alexander

Alex Kross

Romna Bienka

Natosha Hevelone

Felicia Luczak

Jessica James

Rachelle Coberly

Aspen Elledge

Shawnna Rozean

Previous Meetings


January 2020


December 2019

Policy Council Update

Scheduled Meetings


September 24th - Clay Center

October 22nd - Concordia

November 19th - Clay Center

December 17th - Concordia

January 27th - Clay Center

February 18th - Concordia

March 24th - Clay Center

April 21st - Concordia

May 19th - Clay Center

  • Went over the eligibility criteria worksheet we use to determine families eligibility for the programs.

  • Held discussions on Family Fun Nights and the types of activities that can/should be offered.

  • Approved the new Human Resource hire, Anita Dye.  Our current Human Resource Coordinator, Eve Wright is retiring in April.  Congratulations!

February 2020

Our  Policy Council  is a parent advisory group that works with the agency director on issues that directly affect the children enrolled in the agency programs. Our Policy Council, comprised of elected representatives from Head Start and Early Head Start parents and community members, is one of the two governing bodies of the agency. Policy Council meets monthly to review financial and program reports and approve budgets, policy changes, program direction, and staff hires.

Early Head Start

1021 4th Street Clay Center KS 67432

Ph:  785-632-5399

Clay County Head Start

314 Court

Clay Center KS 67432

Ph:  785-632-2195

Cloud County Head Start

1001 E. 7th

Concordia, KS 66901

Ph:  785-243-1645

Washington County Head Start

117 W. College Street

Washington KS 66968

Ph:  785-325-2261

Ottawa County Head Start

612 N. Rothsay

Minneapolis KS 67467

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Republic County Head Start

1812 L Street

Belleville KS 66935

Ph:  785-527-2300