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abc-blocks-clip-art.jpgEarly Head Start is a free home visitation program for children ages 0-3, and prenatal moms.
 We work with connecting families to community resources and many more benefits.
The main focus is the parent-child relationship. At Early Head Start the expectation is that each parent will
find support in working out a balance between his or her own needs and the child's needs.
To do this we share experiences, ideas, and observation times.
Parents sort out what works for them and what doesn't work.
Parents can also feel free to share problems because they know it's okay
          to have problems in the big job of parenting.


   To help your baby grow and develop:

·                 Play with your baby

·                 Smile at your baby

·                 Provide age appropriate foods.

·                 Show your baby how special he or she is by reading, interpreting, and responding to their cues (nonverbal signals). Cues are how a baby lets you know what he or she needs.

·                 Provide comfort when they are upset or crying.

·                 Set daily routines for your baby

·                 Tell your baby you love him or her



Parent Comment:  “My FC is amazing.  My daughter transitioned between FC’s with ease.  She isn’t afraid to get silly with my daughter, and I love everything she brings.  Informative, fun, creative, communicative, and friendly.


Child Care

Would you like to partner with
 Early Head Start to be an EHS Provider?

Some of the BONUS’s include:

·         $520 Yearly Bonus for a full time Early Head Start Child.

·         $50 a month for supplies.

·         $3.00 Per hour rate for Toddlers (25 months to graduation)

·         $3.25 Per hour rate for Infants (0 to 24 months)


For more information on becoming a provider

contact Kathy at Early Head Start.




 Parent Comment:  “I think early head start is great the way it is.”


Parent Comment:  “We love her.  She has given us so much information
and helpful ideas on interacting and learning with my infant!!”


Parent Comment:I have been very pleased with everything that my FC has done for me & my son. 
The EHS program has been so helpful & resourceful in helping me with my child to learn & grow. 
He has learned so much from the program & for that I am truly grateful.”


             Parent Comment:  I feel like she really understands how to connect with children. 
She is always so understanding & helpful.
    She’s very knowledgeable & answers any questions that we may have.
 We have enjoyed being enrolled in EHS!
    I have learned so much about raising a child & other information










Debra McNeil
Early Head Start Director

Phone: 785-632-5399

1021 4th Street
Clay Center, KS 67432


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